Ruby Lugdunum
aka RULU 2013
June 20-21, Lyon, France


Thank you for coming to RuLu 2013!

RuLu 2014 to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Ruby Lugdunum 2013 (a.k.a Rulu) is a two-day Ruby conference+workshop event happening in Lyon, France.

It features great talks, plenty of time to meet people and awesome food!

Manufacture des Tabacs (a.k.a "La Manu")

RuLu 2013 will be held in the Manufacture des Tabacs: an ancient tobacco plant converted into a university in the early 90's. Talks will take place in the large Auditorium André Malraux while the south court will be reserved to Rulu attendees to have drinks, hack and socialize.

The Manufacture des Tabacs is close by Lyon Part Dieu, the main train station of Lyon.

PJ Hagerty PJ Hagerty Github: aspleenic Company: Engine Yard
Greg Karékinian Greg Karékinian Blog: Greg Karékinian Github: @gkarekinian Company: Green Alto
Benjamin Smith Benjamin Smith Blog: bsmith Github: benjaminleesmith Company: Pivotal Labs
Jérémy Lecour Jérémy Lecour Blog: jeremy Github: jlecour Company: HotelHotel
Joshua Ballanco Joshua Ballanco Github: jballanc Company: Burnside Digital
Thomas Riboulet Thomas Riboulet Blog: Random dev Github: mcansky
Michael Wawra Michael Wawra Github: xmjw Company: Twilio
Arne Brasseur Arne Brasseur Blog: Github: @plexus
Vincent Tourraine Vincent Tourraine Blog: Github: vtourraine Company: shazino

Don't forget to register for one of the three workshops! There is no extra charge. All you need is a valid RuLu ticket. Register before it's too late!


Write your very first iOS app using RubyMotion!

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Rails 4

Ready to upgrade to Rails 4? You know Rails, but there may be some tricks you don't know!

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Coding Dojo

Practice your skills without worrying about deadlines!

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Le Koodeta Thursday 20th - 19:00

All Rulu attendees and speakers are invited to a Dinner & Party at Le Koodeta, a Gourmet Restaurant & Pub located 15 minutes walk from the venue. Le Koodeta features a large patio with olive trees, an outdoor bar and confy sofas.

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