Ruby Lugdunum
aka RULU 2013
June 20-21, Lyon, France

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Remember that all workshops will be on Friday morning, so you can only attend one of them, no more.


Laurent Sansonetti from HipByte

Github: lrz

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain that lets you quickly develop and test native iOS and OS X applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love.

We will introduce the iOS system, RubyMotion, then write our very first iOS app: a timezone converter! This workshop is derived from RubyMotion official training.

Laurent is the founder of HipByte and lead developer of RubyMotion. He worked at Apple for 7 years as a senior software engineer, on both iLife and OS X. A long time rubyist, he created and still maintains the MacRuby project. In a previous life, he worked on IDA Pro and was an active contributor to RubyCocoa and GNOME.


Rails 4

Damien Mathieu from Shazino

Blog: Github: dmathieu

Ready to upgrade to Rails 4? Even if you're familiar with previous versions of Rails, there may be some tricks and tweaks you don't know!

The workshop will be split in 3 sessions. We first install Rails 4 and Ruby 2, and set things up for testing. Then, we create a Rails app with basic CRUD scaffolding. Finally, we move on to a more advanced Rails app with JSON APIs.

Damien is a software engineer from the marvelous city of Lyon. He was one of the organizers of the previous editions of Rulu and one of the cofounders of the LyonRB meetups. Damien likes tartiflette, free software, wine, clean and well tested code and is currently hacking at shazino.


Coding Dojo

Haikel Guémar from SysFera

Github: hguemar

A Coding Dojo id merely a gathering of programmers practicing their craft without worrying about deadlines or pointy-haired bosses, a safe place to practice, experiment and learn new skills. More importantly, it's a place to have fun together!

After a short introduction to Coding Dojo, we will practice two katas. The katas will also focus on SOLID principles and using test doubles. You'll practice pair programming, Test-Driven Development, emergent design, etc.

Haikel is a software craftsman, currently working at SysFera as hacking monkey and AWS trainer. On top of that, he has been a Fedora Developer for seven years and he co-founded the Lyon Coding Dojo (selfishly, to improve his own skills). Haikel likes free software, clean code, agile methods and dislikes sloppy coders and clown computing (not to be confused with cloud computing!)


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